Paulus has been busy.


I speak with Paulus regularly, and there is always news of his new projects, which seem to grow in number rather than diminish. I thought two in particular would be of interest. The journal above is one (more below)  of a new series which Paulus has made to support The Craft Emergency Relief Fund. Another project has been making and selling more than 300 envelopes to fund the campaign to save and restore the old and beautiful and sadly-falling-down Post Office at Penland which Paulus visits every day.This envelope, which the journal photos arrived, in is one example.Envelope

I asked to Paulus to send a note telling us about those projects and typed it out ready to post in this blog…and then thought, much better to read it in his own handwriting. Below the note are more journal images. The first journal shown below was made by Paulus for his fairy god-child, Jonah. Finally, in the next week or so I will sending out a new mini-film called “Soul’s Kitchen”. It documents a journal workshop that Paulus gave in Penland as part of the making the film, and gives a detailed explanation of how the journals are made,the central role these practices have played in his life and joys  of making and keeping your own journal. Warmest, Neil.TSFTH_Paulus letter scanImage_3 Image_5Image_7 Image_12 Image_11