Souls Kitchen




When I first looked at making a film of Paulus’ life the plan was to centre it around the journal making workshops that he has now been giving for many years. Paulus notes that he has taught “literally thousands” of people how to make and keep a journal. The importance of journal keeping in his life is underlined when he says: “I could not have survived without this faithful companion in which I do rejoice, and I do suffer”.




The first three days of filming for the documentary was following a workshop where Paulus invited back a selection of former students and colleagues. It was held at the beautiful studio belonging to John Hartom and Lisa Blackburn and shows the process of making a journal from beginning to end, and as importantly some of the ways in which a hand-made book can be used to support and nurture a creative life.

‘Soul’s Kitchen’ is the name Paulus gives to his journal making workshops, and I have borrowed it for this 10 minute film which I hope you enjoy, and please do share it with anyone you think would appreciate it.

A special thank you to the workshop participants; Susan Bonthron, Kathy Steinsberger, Diann Fuller, Katrina Plato, Meg Peterson, Zan Lombardo, Susie Symons, David Perrin, Joy Seidler, Lisa Blackburn and John Hartom. And a big thank you to Heidi Douglas, the editor of ‘Soul’s Kitchen’, for creating this special video.


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