In memory of Neil Lawrence – Creator of ‘To Spring from the Hand’

Neil and Paulus

Six months ago, Neil Lawrence, Director/Producer/Writer of ‘To Spring from the Hand’ and dear friend of the subject of the film, Paulus Berensohn, died suddenly whilst on holiday with his son, Tom.

This week,  on what would have been Neil’s 61st birthday, I found a journal he  had begun writing leading up to the commencement of filming the documentary. His original title for the film was ‘Soul’s Kitchen’ and these were his words:

Soul’s Kitchen

Because it’s what I think about when I am happy

Because it is paying homage to a good friend

Because it celebrates making things by hand as a gift and, in turn, making it by hand is a gift

Because it is returning to my roots, a young Neil with a sickness I thought couldn’t be fixed, who spent his last $10 on flowers, discovered Paulus and a cure and now it is time to give back.

Young Neil with an earring, a documentary film maker, a traveler and storyteller.

My roots as a young Neil who just wants to taste and listen and make and share.

It’s incredibly bittersweet that finally, at the age of 60, Neil was returning to his roots, to the documentary film maker, traveler and storyteller. What could have been, we will never know, but this film was a triumph and is his legacy and is one I am determined to keep alive.

The film’s philosophical message of life and love is a universal one and I urge you to share it with your friends and family.

With love,

Anna Lawrence

(Neil’s Daughter)


Before watching Souls' Kitchen

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